• 01In the summer of 1988, a major flood occurred in the Yangtze River Basin, affecting 11 provinces and cities. The areas around Dongting Lake in Hunan also suffered severe flooding, resulting in casualties, collapsed houses, and difficulties in post-disaster reconstruction. Upon hearing this news, DEE VAN immediately convened a meeting of senior executives and made four decisions: First, provide assistance to a thousand disaster-affected villagers to ensure their well-being and livelihoods. Second, purchase a thousand beds and blankets for employee dormitories to accommodate the flood victims. Third, coordinate employee work schedules and meal times to address the difficulties in the canteen's capacity. Fourth, instruct the business to focus on securing orders, including low-profit or non-profit orders, to put people back to work and provide the flood victims with an opportunity for self-sufficiency and job dignity. The company used its resources to participate in rescue activities and fulfill its social responsibility.02Implementation of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System to enhance the quality of the working environment for employees, improve the well-being and productivity of both the company and its employees, and fulfill its social responsibility towards sustainable operations.03Conduct routine health check-ups for employees each year and implement special health check-ups for job positions that may come into contact with hazardous substances in the factory.04Organize regular medical and health seminars and provide employees with medical consultation services.05Help employees achieve work-life balance by planting a large number of green plants in the factory area, creating a comfortable working environment.06Promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, encourage employees to embrace the concept of greening and natural living, and provide employees with a large area in the dormitory for cultivating vegetables and flowers, resulting in cooling, carbon reduction, and energy-saving benefits.07Implement labor protection measures during hot weather. During the summer, reduce outdoor working hours for employees and provide subsidies to show concern for hardworking staff.08Create job opportunities for individuals with disabilities, assisting them in gaining professional skills and self-confidence, and fulfilling social responsibility.09Provide employee dormitories with facilities such as a projection room, table tennis room, basketball court, badminton court, soccer field, dance studio (gym), card room, and billiard table. Encourage the formation of clubs to relieve stress, promote personal growth, and foster good teamwork values.
  • 01Long-term contributions to school education and public service activities. 02New Employee Onboarding Training: Assist new employees in quickly adapting to the work processes and their personal career development through organizational structure and regulations. 03In-Service Education and Training: Plan internal training courses based on the needs of various departments to enhance employee professional competencies. In the 2023 fiscal year, both internal and external education and training will be provided, including courses on sales planning, budgeting, materials management, inventory management, net-zero carbon, positive thinking, human resource management, labor laws, intellectual property management, bonded warehouse specialist certification, occupational safety and health certification, and administrative management certification.
    04Succession Training: Provide professional skills training to employees with potential for career advancement within the company to enhance their management abilities.
    05Internal Instructors: Knowledgeable and experienced mid-to-senior level managers conduct training and teaching to help improve the competencies of internal employees.06Establish scholarships for employees' children, providing substantial encouragement for their learning and education.
  • Measures for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Complaints, and Disciplinary Actions

    01Established a Gender Equality Committee and a Sexual Harassment Communication and Complaint Channel to prevent and address incidents of workplace sexual harassment and promote a gender-equal work environment. 02Strongly condemn attitudes and behaviors that insult, demean, or discriminate against individuals based on gender differences.03Employees who temporarily leave their positions due to parenting responsibilities can apply for parental leave without pay to retain their job positions.04Actively support the reemployment of women and encourage their participation in the workforce.05Implement flexible working hours for employees to accommodate their family caregiving responsibilities, helping to alleviate caregiving stress.06Employees have the right to equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, ensuring that there is no gender-based wage discrimination.
  • 01Planning investments and factory establishments in Southeast Asian countries to create numerous job opportunities, support disadvantaged families, and foster local economic empowerment, ensuring that the rights to economic resources are equally shared by impoverished and vulnerable groups.02Since the establishment of the company in 1971, DVE has continuously invested in the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other areas, nurturing local industry ecosystems and contributing to mutual economic development.