1971 - Presenting The First Power Supplier From DVE

Deevan Enterprise is a globally renowned manufacturer of power supplies with a 50-year history of providing the finest equipment choices for consumer electronics across various domains. We are committed to vigorously developing energy-efficient and energy storage products, promoting economic growth, and concurrently considering our social responsibility and environmental protection. Guided by the spirit of deep-rooted commitment to our half-century legacy, we take bold strides towards the world and the future.


Implement an environmental management system, adhere to international standards,
and commit to minimizing environmental impact to the greatest possible during the production process.

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Power supplies convert AC power into DC power for electronic device usage. Depending on the design, they can be categorized as external and internal open-frame power supplies.

A 5K inverters convert the DC power from batteries into AC power at 110Vac or 220Vac, suitable for general lighting or household appliances. It can also be used in conjunction with solar panels and wind turbines.

IP Cameras feature high resolution, extensive monitoring range, night vision, and remote smartphone control capabilities.


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Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in