Job Description:

1. Develop overseas markets, maintain existing customers, and explore new clients.
2. Provide price quotations to clients and confirm orders.
3. Monitor shipping status and track product delivery schedules.
4. Provide service to customers, understand their needs, and nuild long-term partnerships. 
5. Conduct market analysis, research and propose strategic recommendations.
6. Handle customer complaints.
7. Participate in international exhibitions and plan related matter.

This position involves various tasks such as expanding overseas markets, conducting market analysis, providing price qutations to clients, and more, with promising career prospects.

Job Category:Overseas Sales/Overseas Sales Manager
Salary: Negotiable (typically exceeding NTD40,000 per month)
Employment Type: Full-time 
Location: No.5 Baogao Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City. 
Management Responsibility: To be determined. 
Business Trips: Required, with an accumulated time of approximately less than one month per year. 
Working Hours: Day shift, 8:30AM - 5:30 PM
Days Off: Two days off per week
Availability: Within one week


Work Expereience: 2 years or more
Education: College degree or higher.
Major: Not specified
Language Skills: English - Listening/Proficient, Speaking/Proficient, Reading/Proficient, Writing/Proficient,.
Proficient in Tools: Excel, Outlook Word
Job Skills: Sales business channel development, achievement of performacne targets and distribution, the handling of customer complaints.
License: Driver's license.