Job Description:

1. Collaborate with team members to visit customers, promote company product sales, and enhance sales performance.
2. Plam, promote, implement e products, and assist in business development and integrated management.
3. Possess industry and business management knowledge, and help customers resolve issues related to delivery and payment after cooperation.
4. Have stong communication skills, negotiation skills, and understanding of the company's rights protection principles.
5. Exhibit stong motivation, proactiveness, diigence, attention to detail, and high resillence to stress.

Job Category:Domestic Sales Manager, Prodyct Business Department Manager, International Sales Manager
Salary: Negotiable (typically exceeding NTD40,000 per month)
Employment Type: Full-time 
Location: No.5 Baogao Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City. 
Management Responsibility: Manages a team of 5-8 people. 
Business Trips: Required, the total time spent on business trips is to be determined. 
Working Hours: Day shift, 8:30AM - 5:30 PM
Days Off: Two days off per week
Availability: Within 2 weeks
Number of Openings: 1


Work Expereience: 5 years or more
Education: College degree or higher.
Major: Electrical and electronic engineering-related fields
Language Skills: English - Listening/Proficient, Speaking/Proficient, Reading/Proficient, Writing/Proficient.
Proficient in Tools: Windows XP, Excel, Outlook, Word
Job Skills: Achievement of performance targets, basic concepts of international trade, customer data update and maintenance, international business development, business and channel development, performace target allocation and achievement, handling of customer compliants.