Job Description:
Human Resources:
1. Familiar with the practical operational processes of human resoucres management and data maintenance in human resources management systems.
2. Familiar with overseas management, addressing human resources-related needs, including recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, personnel changes, attendance, and leave.
3. Assist with supervisors in promoting and implementing relevant HR policies.
4. Mediate labour disputes and address speicla human resources issues such as employee termination.
5. Other personnel-related matters.

General Affairs:
1. Cleaning services and management audits for the factory, dormotories, and overseas dormitories.
2. Management and audit of cleaning staff, drivers, and security personnel.
3. Management of employee canteens and overseas executive dining rooms.
4. Management of official vehicles, telecommunications, mail services, transportation, and insurance.
5. Management of personnel on business trips.
6. General affairs administration, asset management, and maintenance of office equiptment.
7. Inspection and inventory managment of general affairs supplies and OA equiptment.
8. Other personnel-related matters.

1. Requires knowledge in information-related fields.


1. Cooperate with the policies of the headquarters in Taipei.
2. Complete tasks assigned by other supervisors.
3. Lead or assist in the implementation of various official cases.
4. Liaise with external government agencies.

This position involves various tasks such as expanding overseas markets, conducting market analysis, providing price qutations to clients, and more, with promising career prospects.

Job Category:Overseas
Overseas Administrative Department  Manager

Salary: Negotiable 
Employment Type: Full-time 
Location: DEE VAN Electronics (Long Chuan) Co., Ltd. 
Management Responsibility: Approximately 9-12 people.  
Business Trips: Required, with an accumulated time of approximately more than 7 month per year. 
Working Hours: Day shift
Days Off: Depends on the company policy
Availability: Within 1 week


Work Expereience: 5 years or more
Education: College degree or higher.
Major: Business Managemt related/ Human Resources Related
Language Skills: English - Listening/Proficient, Speaking/Proficient, Reading/Proficient, Writing/Proficient,.
Proficient in Tools: NA
Job Skills: HR planning and control/ possess knowledge in HR/ designing recruitment and employment systems/ overall planning of education and training with performance evaluation/ performance and compensation management/ execute daily recruitment tasks/ knowledge of labour insurance-related regulations